W!ldCard Ch*.*cters

The “Manitoba Social” definition: An event where people gather together, for a special cause, and spend the evening buying tickets to the silent auction, munching on ripple chips and pretzels, drinking out of red solo cups, and dancing the night away to “oldies but goodies”, with the occasional chart topper thrown in to please the “younger crowd”. W!LdCARD CH*.*CTERS is sure to thrill you with a little bit of Old Time Rock N Roll , a bit of 80s rock, and a WHOLE LOT of FUN… and you’re encouraged to sing along! So bring your dancing shoes, your 50/50 ticket money, and your party spirit… Let’s Get the Party Started!

Sandra Epp: Vocals
Manitoba eHealth

Bayne Robertson: Guitar
Paradigm Consulting

John Diffey: Guitar

Darren McFee: Bass
Manitoba Blue Cross

Chris Durston: Keyboard
Investors Group

Kevin Nebroski: Drums
Paradigm Consulting

Guardians of the Groove

You got it – an “Awesome Mix B.4.40” from Guardians of the Galaxy – great songs from decades past that have staying power. The audience will get Hooked on a Feeling listening to Quill’s Walkman, connected to the Earth, home and family, while on a big outer space adventure! Including musicians from MNP, Wawanesa, iqMetrix, the City of Winnipeg and Manitoba’s IT departments. Comprised of six members who have been playing together in one form or another for over 15 years. You will enjoy the powerful drums and bass, killer guitar riffs, and unforgettable vocals. Guaranteed dancing, singing and a great time had by all as we Groove the Galaxy through classic rock and modern pop/dance!

Debbie Young: Vocals

Lisa Cupples: Vocals
Gov’t of Manitoba

John Visser: Guitar

Dan Christle: Bass

Brad Griffiths: Keyboards
City of Winnipeg

Dean Lachlun: Drums

The Q Fighters

Young, wild, and uncompiled! This intrepid band of iQmetrix employees and friends will take us off the beaten path of rock to the funk, punk, glam, and ska of the 70s onward. With a sound that is raw yet upbeat, defiant yet accessible, The Q Fighters pack a punch that will have you dancing and singing along to classics from bands such as Wild Cherry, No Doubt, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Trish Rempel: Vocals

James Trenchard: Vocals

Kyle Joyal: Vocals

Hector Luna: Guitar

Gerry Behringer: Guitar

Dan Baker-Moor: Bass

Emily Baxter: Drums


Big Shiny Tunes

Dance to the crowd-pleasing one-hit wonders from the 90’s alt-rock scene! These songs are familiar, danceable, singable with an undefinable nostalgic quality. Canadian music video network Much Music was able to catalogue some of the top hits each year with their perennial best-selling compilation albums “Big Shiny Tunes” …..Musicians from the BOLD Commerce product development team wrapped their theme around this! This band capitalizes on the momentum of the grunge rock scene from the earlier part of the decade. Spinning off this and heavily influenced by pop and hip-hop, they bring a more radio friendly appeal to the rock genre. You’re gonna love the Techapalooza debut of this band!

Steve Nelson: Vocals
Bold Commerce

Dennis Mott: Guitar, Vocals
Bold Commerce

Charles Peralta: Guitar
Bold Commerce

Mitch Hamm: Bass
Bold Commerce

Scott Riddell: Drums
Bold Commerce


Bill & Dave’s Salsbury House Jukebox

Bill and Dave’s band walk into the Sals on Pembina after a gig, notice the great Winnipeg rock memorabilia on the walls, sit down, and decide to plug the jukebox with all Manitoba bands! That was it, decision made on how Bill and Dave will entertain us this year! This perennially favorite Techapalooza band will play an up-tempo set of Made in Manitoba classic rock songs. Dance to Portage and Main 15 below – Born and raised in a prairie town, before, after and during the garage. River overflowing, you betcha, and lots of other great hometown boy songs. Rock it, Bill and Dave, we’ll overflow the dance floor to enjoy great classic Rock!

Thomas Wolstencroft: Vocals, Percussion

Napoleon Sansregret: Guitar
HP Inc.

Jon Einarson: Guitars

Brad Enns: Bass, Vocals

Gary Brenner: Keyboards

Hal Ryckman: Drums
Solvera Solutions


Great West Life Top Secret Rosies

Get your wild-child spy-child shoes on to dance to soundtracks of James Bond, Mission Impossible, and Austin Powers. These musicians, by day are Great West Life IT professionals, were inspired by the Top Secret Rosies. The Rosies were a group of women from WWII who were a human computer and went on to program the first computer. Enjoy the trio of fantastic female singers leading the band, dressed in sultry red dresses (à la Jessica Rabbit!). The music will take the audience on an audio experience that brings back memories from their favorite spy movies and The Second British Invasion. The eclectic collection of music will focus on the songs from female artists that enhance the movie soundtracks and films. At Techapalooza 2018, this band won the Judges Choice award!

Annastasia Lambert: Vocals
Great-West Life

Stacey Suderman: Vocals
Great-West Life

Susan Dacke: Vocals

Keith Lalman: Guitar
Great-West Life

Brent Thompson: Guitar
Great-West Life

Chad Muir: Bass
Great-West Life

Blair Burns: Cello
Great-West Life

Chris Durston: Keyboard
Investors Group

John Hamm: Drums, Percussion
Acme Technical Service

Byte Me

Music full of “Oh yeah?” attitude and “Why don’t you make me?” angst. This Big Band brings energy and infectious groove, with killer horn lines from the only horn section at Techapalooza 2019. The tunes are drawn from artists and bands through rock history that could drop the hammer, toss down the gauntlet, bring it. From rocking classic artists like Eagles and The Beatles to more modern artists like Blondie, Nena, Alanis Morisette, and P!nk. Motivated by their unwillingness to sit quietly while this terrible disease is still out there, they bring the noise. They’re putting the big C on notice! Like Pac-Man, we’re going to take a bite out of cancer!

Kathleen Boht: Vocals
Investors Group

Karin Carlson: Trombone, Vocals, Percussion
Online Business Systems

Don McLean: Guitar, Vocals
Retired, Federal Gov’t

Colin Kelly: Bass
Online Business Systems

Dana Oliver Neal: Trumpet, Vocals, Percussion
Sierra Systems Inc.

Vic Arias: Trumpet

Craig Holigroski: Trombone
Grain Exchange

Boris Gularyin: Tenor Sax, Vocals
Skip the Dishes

Rick Strempler: Alto Sax
Online Business Systems

Jeff McMaster: Keyboards

Dan Major: Drums
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